Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Afternoon

The largest Fig tree I have ever seen is 300 years old, but in all the years I have been visiting Dunwich I was never  aware of it...

...until this afternoon.  

It's quite a sight.

No trip to Dunwich is complete, however, without going to the beach.   
(Beware the risks!)



  1. Hello:
    What a really splendid tree with those ancient, gnarled branches. And we love how you have shown it just coming into leaf.

    We have, alas, never been to Dunwich. Isn't that where the Derek Jarman house is which we should very mch like to see?

  2. Hello - just popping over, drawn by your comment.

    Norfolk! I love Norfolk! My aunt lives in North Norfolk and we know that area well.

    That is one amazing fig tree. My aunt has a fig in her garden but we can't grow them in the Edinburgh area, I don't think.

  3. Hello Jane and Lance

    Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments.

    Derek Jarman's house and garden are in Dungeness, near Rye, East Sussex - although Dungeness is actually in Kent. I don't know if his garden is still tended - I hope so.

  4. Hello Isabelle

    Thank you for visiting.

    North Norfolk is lovely! We like to holiday there!

    I imagine Fig trees would find the climate in Edinburgh not to their liking!

  5. Ha ha well you can't say you weren't warned about the grave dangers of a walk on the beach!
    Heck that is quite a tree, I don't think I have ever seen anything like it and I just love the collage photos you do.

  6. I have never seen this tree either Mag and we go to Dunwich quite often. You must let me know where to find it!

    I love Dunwich. We always stop for tea at the Bridge Cafe and Nursery. Did you see my post (a way back) about the history of its disappearance?

    Lovely photos and collages.


  7. How ever could I have missed that impressive fig tree? We saw a massive one in Purfleet ( of all places) in the middle of an industrial estate last year.

    Last time I went to Dungeness Derek Jarman's garden was still being tended, but did not look quite as superlative as when he was alive. We took our son to see it when he was little (must be about 18 years ago) and I think it made a deep impression on him. He's working in horticuture now!


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