Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Early Light

...in the front garden, this morning.  (Although the sun had been up some hours!)  
So beautiful!  



  1. Hello:
    These are wonderful collages of a May morning. We especially like the way you have grouped the subject matter which is beautifully co-ordinated in terms of colour, form and texture.

    We hope you are able to be out in the glorious sunshine - or so it is in Brighton!

  2. Lovely images - you must have a beautiful garden.

  3. Hello Mag, I just love the light in these photos and I agree with Su, your garden must a picture. If you are still waiting for rain, we've got plenty to spare, it hasn't stopped yet!

  4. Glorious photos from your garden Mag - haven't we been having the most wonderful Spring here in the east! Although some rain would be nice right now!!

    Yes you must visit Flatford Mill and in particular the walks in Dedham Vale and along the Rive Stour. Just over the border from my beloved Suffolk but wonderful just the same:-)!!


  5. Wonderful pictures as always, you have a good eye. I liked the green peace link, Those Arctic reserves are going to be a big issue given that IEA chief economist Dr. Fatih Birol says the world’s crude oil production peaked back in 2006 and the price of oil will continue to rise. “The existing fields are declining so sharply that in order to stay where we are in terms of production levels in the next 25 years, we have to find and develop four new Saudi Arabias,” he said. For reference, Saudi Arabia has claimed (as it has for the past 25 years) to be sitting on 267 billion barrels of oil. It's clear we have to transition away from oil and that the arctic reserves are a drop in the ocean given the demand and consumpsion of the modern world. We are hitting the wall of energy production somethings going to give, and it's going to be economy's and lifestyles, massive change is on the horizon.

  6. Lovely photo! The detail is so sharp and the lighting is superb. You have an amazing garden!

  7. How very beautiful!


    P.S. I looked before but thought the polar bear at the top of the page meant there wasn't a new post. And now it's new. . .ish! E.

  8. Beautiful photos of the light you captured, and I especially like your first collage. x

  9. Hello Mag

    How lovely of you to visit my blog. I thought I would pop over and take a peek at yours, your photography is wonderful. I notice that you are interested in Family History - snap. Are you a member of Ancestry?

  10. Mag. Thanks so much for your note on the post where I am asking for help identifying a tomato leaf problem.

    I think you are almost certainly right. I have found cases which I think the leaf hoppers must have shed and have been puzzled because I thought they came from white fly - but I haven't seen any white fly.

    Problem now is what to do. It is supposed to be a greenhouse infestation. I suppose the weather is so hot the atmosphere is as it would be in a greenhouse. Looking around advice, a parasite is recommended for use in greenhouses (never like that idea - but they are in the garden so it wouldn't work anyway) or chemicals. I don't like that idea either. Stumped. Any ideas?


    P.S. I'll copy and paste this into the comments which go with that post - I'm not sure which is the best way to reply.

  11. You were definitely right. Once you'd given me a clue and I knew what I was looking for - I found it in an instant. Not just an 'it' - lots of 'its!'


    Thanks for your help.


  12. Hello Mag,
    I enjoyed visiting your blog (and will be back for more).
    You found a great way to capture the morning light on the different plants in pictures and I love the way how you put together all the pictures in photo collages instead of showing each single image in a row.

    Your garden seems to be really beautiful and it's nice to see all the fresh green. We are dealing for months with a drought and for the time of the year unusual high temperature what takes it's toll on the plants in my garden.

    Best Regards from Texas
    Paula Jo

  13. Ich bin so sehr begeistert von Deinen Bildern!!
    Beautiful your pictures!

    Liebe Grüße


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