Friday, 22 April 2011

A Natural Break

There is always so much to catch up with, in the holidays.  Never enough hours in the day!  Too much to do!  And near disbelief that time can vanish with such speed!

Trying to spread myself round the garden, I had begun quite a few gardening tasks over the last weeks, most of them requiring me to return and continue, or finish off.  Two such jobs were pruning and tidying climbing plants on the arch in the front garden and on the pergola in the back.  I didn't get very far with the arch but I had done a lot with the pergola plants, needing next to sort out the 'Queen of Denmark' (Rosa 'Königin von Dänemark') and do some bending and tying in of stems.  Each time I looked, I was struck by the urgency of the task!

Things have now changed, without my intervention.  First, I noticed that we had a Collared Dove sitting on a small collection of twigs atop the arch, fairly well hidden by the Honeysuckle stems that await my attention (a straggly Jasmine also waits):  

Next, and after making a lot of noise in the vicinity (it's just outside the back door), I became aware that Goldfinches were nesting in amongst the still tangled, overgrown stems on the pergola:

So, no more work in these places for a while.  It's enough that we have to walk past the nests each day and go about our daily business close by.  I know of another, abandoned, nest further down the back garden so I'm more than a little anxious about causing disturbance.

Meanwhile, apart from being prevented from tending my welcome plants, my unwelcome, invasive thugs are getting the upper hand: Ground Elder and Soapwort have respite from the scourge and the pulling.  At least, in one spot they have.  I've plenty more to deal with, elsewhere! 

So, what do I learn from missing the boat, as I so often do with deadlines in the garden?  Like last year, when we had to stop putting the logs away, because a pair of Blackbirds were nesting on the half-built stack in the woodshed.  I always have good intentions, even plans of what to do when, before this or that event is bound to occur.  But I frequently fail to achieve even moderate success!

I could conclude that the garden is too big, or that I am too fussy - and more besides - but I think that I should properly accept that things often do not go according to plan, that life is likely to surprise, and that living in the moment is not only wise but sometimes all I should aim for.

I can, at least, currently claim an excuse for my inefficiency, stop fretting quite so much, relax a bit, enjoy what's left of my holiday and take delight in the wildlife that chooses to visit and stay in my garden!
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