Sunday, 13 March 2011

I Love Mr P.

There have been Peafowl in our village for some years but they weren't always here.  I presume that, originally, someone brought them in as pets; I don't know if the present ones belong to anybody.  There have been requests for the owners to declare themselves!  The birds were not welcome; their shrieking kept people awake, or woke them up too early, and they were committing one or two other misdeeds.  

I suspect that some of the offending creatures were dispatched elsewhere.  I don't know for sure but I think that was the plan.  Apparently, Peafowl are not easy creatures to catch, hence the village is not entirely free of them.  This pleases me!  I have always been fond of them!  Their eerie caterwauling makes me smile and does not disturb my rest.  'Our' Mr P., who I have mentioned before in another post, is currently visiting regularly to share the bird food and display his sumptuous plumage in the front garden, in full view of the windows.  He has taken to perching on the old rabbit run, as in previous years, preening and calling between whiles.  His rabbit audience is no longer there, if he was ever truly aware of it, but he has fans in the house!

William Sitwell, who clearly does not share my viewpoint, has written at some length about the traits of these birds, here.


  1. He is rather beautiful isn't he. I'm not sure I'd like one in my garden , maybe next door would be ok though!

  2. They are beautiful aren't they. Mr P is certainly making himself at home. I love the little film, very cleverly put together.



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