Thursday, 10 March 2011


We have two Goldfinch visitors that come quite regularly to the nyger seed feeder and stay a good while each time.  Thus it was not difficult to get some photos and video today.  My ambition now is to capture them both on the feeder at the same time.  I didn't use a tripod, or edit the video; neither did I enhance the stills.  Keeping the camera steady can be tricky - the image stabilisation feature helps!

You may note the breezy weather.  You may also note the amount of nyger seed that gets wasted, although I have watched other birds clearing it up.  I should like to get a more expensive nyger seed feeder, complete with tray to catch the bits that would otherwise fall to the ground, but I think such a one would not work in this situation: a thorny, clipped hawthorn conveniently positioned outside the window.


  1. They are so beautiful aren't they. Lovely pics.

  2. Lovely photos and video! I tried to photograph some birds in my garden but couldn't keep the camera steady enough - I think I had the zoom level too high. I might try with a tripod now.

  3. Thank you, all! They are very exotic-looking little birds, I always think, for our northern climes.

    I find it difficult to keep the camera steady, especially when I'm concentrating! It (surely it's me!) wobbles more, then! A tripod, or a monopod is the answer but I still don't use one. It is so often not convenient!

  4. Well caught Mag - you have a mighty steady hand!

    Its wonderful to see these visitors to our gardens.


  5. Hmm! Steady, sometimes!
    Yes, they're lovely, aren't they?


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