Friday, 18 March 2011

First Blossom

I came out of work, this afternoon, and there was blossom draped over the postbox.  It was a surprise!  I didn't realise there was any blossom actually in flower, in my neck of the woods.  Yes, I've seen yellow Forsythia and various Viburnums but I don't count that as Blossom!  I've also noticed the tight, white-ish buds on the Wild Plum in my garden, (which will be blossom) but I hadn't seen anything fully out.   And I don't go around with my eyes closed.  But there it was, so I stopped and took pictures.  I can never resist taking photographs of blossom, always in macro mode!  I think this is Blackthorn - I did find a couple of thorns on one of the branches.  


  1. That's a really pretty blossom, and a great macro photo. I like the red background!

  2. Beautiful photo Mag. Using macro brings out such delicate detail.

    Spring is here!


  3. That blossom really leaps out against the red postbox, ah thank heaven for the simple things and the wisdom to notice and appreciate them.


  4. Beautiful photo. There's no sign of blossom on my Blackthorn yet. x

  5. Came to see if there's a new post - and noticed your five generations for the first time.

    How fortunate to have the pictures. What a good idea to put them here.


  6. Beautiful photos :)- I've noticed how beautiful and abundant the blossom is on the trees this year, perhaps it's all the wonderful weather we have had recently?


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