Saturday, 12 February 2011

You must see this!

With thanks to Sally Nex and her post on the BBC Gardening Blog today, this is definitely one to share.

And so is this: the website of Yann-Arthus Bertrand.


  1. Beautiful to watch. Not struck on the commentary - could have been packed with information but wasn't. (Can't help being distracted by sexist language either.) Beautiful, none the less - except for the cattle yard - that was a revelation.


  2. Esther, I agree about the cattle yard - I was fairly gobsmacked myself! I didn't mind the commentary but I will have to listen out for the sexist language, as it escaped me. I believe the film was planned as a short, introductory attraction to the International Year of Forests and that is why it wasn't as packed with information as it could have been. Indeed, there is another, much longer film, which I have only partly watched, and where some of the same footage is used. The commentary of this film - Home - I do think I will find irritating; the photography is, again, stunning and the message, I imagine, will be uncomfortable.


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