Thursday, 17 February 2011

Good News!

Actually, fantastic news!  The forest sell-off has been cancelled!  See the detail, here.
Read the Woodland Trust's response.


  1. Isn't it great! I was one of the nhalf million (was that what they said?) who petitioned for it so am really pleased. People Power eh? now what shall we do next?!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too and for your comment - I would never change from original type wooden doors and windows but this place was all done like that when we bought it and its situation is what sold it to us!


  2. Hello Mag, I was so happy to read about this in the Guardian! Very impressive with the will of the people to turn the profiteers around. It is so great to have good news of this kind. How lovely to meet you and I will add you to my blog list too.

  3. Hello Marigold Jam and thank you for your comment!

    Yes, it is very good news indeed although, of course, we shall all need to remain vigilant! I read somewhere that someone was suggesting the NHS should be next...! In truth, I expect we could draw up quite a list!

    As for the plastic windows debate, it irritates me that people sometimes have to buy properties where such things have been installed, and then put up with them when it is not their preference. If I were house hunting, I would find them a definite turn-off, despite the appeal of low maintenance! But my main gripe is that many a lovely, heritage building has been ruined by inappropriate improvements. I think the case for newer buildings is different, although I do wonder about the ethical side of manufacture and disposal.

  4. Hello Carol and thank you for visiting a newbie! Likewise, I am so pleased about the turnaround but was almost having to pinch myself! I didn't blog it until I was certain it was really happening, by which time it was old news!

    It's good to meet you too, and how I love the sound of Flower Hill Farm! Thanks for the add to your blog list.


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