Saturday, 19 February 2011

Find a wood near you

I like this search facility on the Woodland Trust  website.  It enables you to find all the woods, with public access, nearest to your home or within a specified distance.  I am having a few pleasant surprises - perhaps I don't know my own patch as well as I thought I did...


  1. That looks great, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for visiting us, it's lovely to meet you. Laura x

  2. Dear Mag, We are indeed so fortunate to have so many open spaces and woodlands in the UK to which the public has access. Long may this continue particularly during these times when they are under threat.

    Thank you so much for becoming a Follower of my weblog. I am delighted to have discovered yours.

  3. Now there's a coincidence. I thought exactly the same myself when I was looking at the Woodland Trust site today. Some outings planned!

    Toying between spending my Tesco vouchers on membership of the WT, RSPB, or cinema tickets. What do you think?

  4. Laura, Edith and Colleen - hello and thank you for visiting!

    I think the Woodland Trust is a good thing! However, Colleen, I believe woods are usually free to visit, whilst entry to RSPB reserves is not, necessarily, unless you're a member. Therefore, membership of the RSPB might be better value!

    Last year, I did my first Big Garden Birdwatch and submitted the results online; the thank you email came back, asking me to join up! I joined and pay £3 per month. They don't miss an opportunity!


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