Monday, 17 January 2011

Something to do in the rain

Waking up to yet another grey, wet day, I was reminded of an occasion at the end of last summer. We were at Blakeney Quay, in the car, in the rain.  The view was lovely, but it was too wet to get outside and take photographs; so I took some through the windscreen.  I was playing - I didn't know how they would turn out - but I like the effects I captured.  I tweaked them a little in Picasa.

I was recently browsing on Flickr, revisiting the Photostreams containing some of my Favorites, when I discovered a picture with a similar origin to mine, but taken in a very different location. 

Impressionist style

It's the work of  Monica Arellano-Ongpin, a painter, and I love the result.  She has many other lovely photographs in her collection.


  1. Hello Mag, welcome to Blogland and thank you for your visit and for following me. I am happy to do likewise!

    I see we are fellow East Anglians - it will be great to swap stories and compare notes:-)!

    Lovely photos btw. Picasa can be so addictive!!


  2. Great photos from one of my favourite parts of the world- even in the midst of winter !

  3. Lovely photos of those big East Anglian skies and just like the grey, but still beautiful, days we are having just now. Thanks so much for stopping off at East London!



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