Sunday, 9 January 2011

Garden Visitors

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I like to watch the birds that come to feed in the garden and I always get quite excited about the less frequent visitors.  (Yesterday we had a sparrowhawk.)  They're difficult to photograph with a little old 'point and shoot', and I haven't got much patience for hanging around in the cold, trying to be invisible.  So, not many shots that I'm pleased with.

However, when 'Mr P' comes along, my motivation increases as he is such a beautiful and amusing chap. We have a fair collection of both stills and video, dating back a bit, but this picture was taken today, in the winter sunshine.  I'm not quite sure how many 'Mr P's there are, as some have been removed (not everyone in the village is as fond as me) but we always assume that our 'Mr P' is the same one returning again and again.  I fancy that he is slowly becoming a little less timid and I have noticed that he likes to shelter in my neighbour's woodshed in inclement weather.

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