Saturday, 8 January 2011


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Today I noticed the snowdrop shoots pushing through, just by the front doorstep.  The resulting photos weren't good enough to post but this one, from almost 2 years ago, reminds me of what I can look forward to. It also prompts me to keep watch for more signs of spring; and to start work on my long list of garden jobs so that I don't spend the rest of the year trying to catch up.  I enjoy working in the garden and it should get a higher priority.


  1. Tulips and daffodils thrive in my garden but snowdrops refuse to grow so I have to buy a few each year in a pot. This reminds me to go and do so soon.


  2. Nice to look at snowdrops from a different angle. Lovely photo. x

  3. Esther, I hope you got your snowdrops! I think it's a great pity that some people cannot grow them and I also wonder why this is the case. Perhaps you know the answer to that!

  4. Louise, thank you - I like this view too, although these are doubles and the insides are stunning!

    Thank you for following my new blog!


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